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The Healthy Lawn Team is a non-profit group of volunteers involved in educational outreach about the risks of lawn care pesticides to humans, pets and the environment. We prepared a Pets and Pesticides brochure in conjunction with area veterinarians.

Pets and Pesticides Brochure

You may request a packet of 100 brochures for your clinic or organization. To cover the cost of printing and mailing, we are charging $22 for 100 brochures.

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If you would like a larger quantity, you may request use of the PDF and have them printed yourself. We have reserved a space on the back of the brochure to apply a sticker or stamp with your clinic’s information. We hope you will find it helpful to educate your clients about the risks of these commonly used products.

Below are some of the references that were used to write the brochure. If you have additional sources and articles we would appreciate the information.

Healthy Lawn Team Board


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